What You Need To Know About Digital Radiography

The technology of Digital Radiography (DR) is favored by many for its widespread advantages. In traditional radiography, patients have to be subjected to massive doses of radiation. But with Digital Radiography, that is not the case. The radiation dose is reduced by around 80%. That is a vast improvement when it comes to patient safety. […]

Using MRI Machines To Improve Radiotherapy.

On the path of striving to eliminate cancer, one of the most common treatments is radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is a medical treatment that uses high-energy radiation in the form of x-rays for destroying cancerous cells. While radiotherapy is a method that is effective at destroying cancer cells, it does come with some downfalls. The healthy cells […]

Are You Familiar With What An R/F Room Is?

R/F (Radiography/Fluoroscopy) can be described as the initial stage of human imaging studies. Over the years, the changes to these studies have brought major value to medical imaging centers and department. Fluoroscopy is a method used to provide real-time x-ray imaging. This method of radiography is perfect for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional […]