The heart of every CT scanner is the x-ray tube. More than any other component of a CT system, the x-ray tube is one of the essential parts that require thorough monitoring to ensure that the equipment functions at its best. Because of the importance of an x-ray tube, owners may sometimes worry about the lifespan of the tube. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs that practitioners can look out for to determine if the x-ray tube is about to fail.

  1. Loud noise from the tube.
    During a scan there is an anode inside the tube that is continuously spinning, if the bearing inside the tube begins to wear out, it can become noisy, and the practitioner may hear a continuous humming sound; which is a warning to look out for.
  2. Arcing that interrupts scanning.
    There is a small amount of arcing of the tube that the CT scanner can tolerate. However, if the arcing gets out of control, it may interrupt the user mid-scan. Be wary about the warning messages related to the arc.
  3. Shut down from arc errors.
    This error warns the user that arcing is constantly happening within the tube. This can occur when a cold tube has not been run through its warm-up sequence. Therefore, warming up at the beginning of each scan schedule is essential to avoid this error from arising.
  4. Changes in the tube cooling delay frequency.
    If the operating temperature limits have been reached, the system may stop to give the tube a break. However, if the breaks begin to get longer, there may be a problem.

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