The CT tubes of your scanner could undoubtedly be the most crucial part in it. If you are finding that hard to believe, the prices of CT tubes will surely make you think so. Even though the times have changed, CT tubes are still as expensive as ever.

The high cost of CT tubes is due to a number of reasons. Precision and technical expertise are critical factors when producing CT tubes. Moreover, the materials used in CT tubes are not cheap either. This crucial component of your CT scanner must be manufactured with high precision as demanded. All this make the cost of CT tubes remain as high as they are.

Nevertheless, replacing your CT tubes can be a headache (mostly due to its cost). But if your scanner is already giving you trouble, it might be time to do so. If you are hearing humming sounds or getting a lot of interruptions during scans, your CT tubes might need to be checked.

Warming up before an examination can be helpful in prolonging the lifetime of your CT tubes and hence your scanner as well. Also, measuring the scan seconds or milliampere seconds can also be useful to know when a replacement may be in store for you. These are indeed precise measurements when it comes to the lifetime of a CT tube. But a high value alone will not tell you that your CT tubes need to be replaced, although they can give you a rough idea.

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