Principles Of Performing A Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopic procedures are generally done very often across the world. Performing these procedures may, however, acquire some pitfalls. In this case, identifying the methods in performing these procedures safely is vital. All the relevant personnel involved in the fluoroscopy examination should conduct their role in ensuring that the patient’s procedure is done in the safest […]

Portable X-ray Machines In Nursing Homes

Residents in a nursing home who are generally the elderly and are in need of radiology services are customarily transferred to hospitals even for standard procedures such as x-rays. For nursing home residents, especially individuals with memory-related disorders such as dementia require familiar surroundings to feel safe. Being placed in new environments for radiology services […]

Chest Radiography Using Portable X-ray Machines

Within the health industry, mobile and portable x-ray machines have become increasingly popular. In addition, the equipment demand bringing technologists out of rooms with fixed x-ray devices have also drastically grown. One of the most significant factors that drive the increasing demand for portable x-ray machines is the need for a better bedside x-ray imaging. […]