One of the most sophisticated medical imaging equipment for patient diagnosis is the MRI machine. These devices use a technique that creates low-level magnetic fields that cause a specific reaction in the atoms within the body. These reactions are sensed through the machine which, in turn, is represented visually on a screen for medical diagnosis purposes.

In the past, MRI machines not only looked the same but also offered the same conventional functions. Today, however, there are three different types of MRI machines that patients can choose from for the comfort of their own needs.

Traditional Closed-in MRI.

A closed MRI machine is a large tube which is used by patients lying in these machines. This style of MRI machines offers high-quality images. However, in these machines, patient comfort is questionable. When patients lay in these closed-in machines, it may trigger claustrophobia which is a form of anxiety caused by an adverse reaction to small confined spaced. These machines also require the patient to lie entirely still. Some of these machines have small opening spaces which means overweight or obese patients cannot be scanned.

Open MRI scans.

In an effort to make patients feel more comfortable as well as allow obese and overweight patients to be scanned, open MRI machines were developed. While a lot of open MRI scanners don’t provide the same quality of imaging as a closed MRI scanner, newer systems have known to produce good quality images as close to those seen in a closed MRI.

Standing or Sitting MRI.

The comfort of patients is a crucial factor in medical care. To improve the comfort level of patients in their medical imaging experiences, MRI machines that allow patients to stand or sit during their MRI scans were developed. Although these devices are known for offering optimal patient comfort, the quality of images produced is still being worked on and are said to improve in the future.

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