Are you looking to purchase a mammography machine for your clinic or hospital? If so, you’ve got a few options available to you to browse from. As often is the case, the budget available usually lets you narrow down the feasible alternatives. But the budget alone will not deem sufficient in acquiring a mammography machine that best fits your setting.

Which is why you need to ask yourself a few questions to clarify your needs clearly before purchasing just any machine. These questions may be in the form of the number of patients you expect and the type of facility. All that but more importantly, you need to look at your competition as well. Your purchase needs to be able to compete with that of your competitors to be worthwhile. Yours should be an upgrade or at least of the same level.

Now to the question of whether to go analog, digital or 3D? 3D is very quickly the best option at detecting breast cancer as early as possible. But 3D mammography machines are expensive. Often up to five or six times more costly than their early predecessors. But if the budget is not an issue in your case, it is best to go through with the 3D mammography machine option.

But for those whom the budget available makes a 3D mammography machine a bit far-fetched, a digital mammography machine will be a good option. Digital mammography machines are available across a wide price range, even starting at around 30,000 USD. Digital mammography machines are the norm today in many clinical settings, whereas analog mammography machines were the standard some years back. Analog mammography machines are the cheapest option, making your budget more than enough. But the adequacy of it for your facility must be decided upon prior to purchasing one. When the price is a major concern, opting for a used or refurbished machine would be a better choice rather than purchasing a brand new.

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