Now that you’ve decided to purchase an MRI machine, it’s time to narrow down the options. There are more than a few factors to be taken into consideration before deciding to buy the latest MRI machine out there.

Starting off with the fundamentals, what exactly are the types of MRI scans that you are seeking to pursue? Delve into the applications and decide for yourself which ones you need. That helps to narrow down the search and determine which one fits your need the most. This helps to save money by choosing to pursue the most suited option opposing to simply buying the latest.

Next up, image quality. This also directly depends on the types of scans that you seek to pursue. For instance, certain applications require better image quality than others. In that case, it is better to invest in better image quality over the rest. For better image quality, what you need is higher gradient strength.

Patient comfort is another factor to be considered when taking your pick. Certain gantry designs help lower the anxiety felt by patients when undergoing such scans. Large bores give more room for movement and hence make patients feel less trapped. This can be a significant consideration for claustrophobic patients. The noise is also another consideration when it comes to patient comfort.

Make sure that you make a list of what features that you absolutely need and others that you are willing to compromise on. That will make it a whole lot easier to make the decision. If you are finding it difficult to do that, consider seeking help from experts in the field. The service team at Amber Diagnostics is always waiting to answer your questions and clarify all your doubts regarding used and refurbished medical imaging equipment purchases. In case you are looking for a used or refurbished Philips MRI Machine for Sale, contact Amber Diagnostics right away. Amber USA ensure that clients get the best quality equipment that fit their needs and budget.