The technology of Digital Radiography (DR) is favored by many for its widespread advantages. In traditional radiography, patients have to be subjected to massive doses of radiation. But with Digital Radiography, that is not the case. The radiation dose is reduced by around 80%. That is a vast improvement when it comes to patient safety. Moreover, DR systems are less expensive and facilitate better patient processing speeds. That, in turn, makes way for higher ROI.

DR is not just superior to traditional radiography, but also to CR (Computed Radiography) in many ways although CR is less expensive. But CR calls for a higher dose of radiation and may need more repairs.

So, overall, DR is visibly the better choice. It is easier, faster, safer and yields much more image detail. This high quality and clarity of the images are definite ways in which how DR is better for patients and assists better diagnosis leading to better patient care. Moreover, DR also helps to comply with regulatory compliance laws easily.

Now comes the best part. So how do you upgrade to DR? Is it necessary to buy an entirely new x-ray machine? Not really. First of all, many units allow you to upgrade to DR from traditional radiography easily. All you need is a DR panel. So, now that you know what DR can give you, it’s time to make the right call. You do not have to buy entirely new x-ray machines to upgrade to DR processes. The option of investing in used or refurbished x-ray machines is always available. If you decide to invest in a used or refurbished X-ray system, it’s time to contact Amber Diagnostics to get the best quote. You can always rely on Amber Diagnostics to deliver the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment in the market for you. Contact Amber Diagnostics now to find out about GE Portable X Ray Machine for Sale and much more.