On the path of striving to eliminate cancer, one of the most common treatments is radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is a medical treatment that uses high-energy radiation in the form of x-rays for destroying cancerous cells.

While radiotherapy is a method that is effective at destroying cancer cells, it does come with some downfalls. The healthy cells that are surrounding the cancerous cells can also be damaged in the process. Because of this reason, researchers have been trying to use MRI technology to more accurately target cancerous cells to destroy them in the radiotherapy process.

An added benefit of using this technology is that practitioners would be able to see the cancerous cells surrounding the healthy tissue in real-time.
Years ago when the radiation therapy treatment was still in the development process, it was found that this inaccurate practice often led to the collateral damage of surrounding skin.

Since then, it has become a more common practice for doctors to use cone beam CTs for targeting and aligning radiotherapy treatment with cancerous cells/tumors. While this method is more effective than the previous method used in the past, there are still parts of the internal structure that cannot be seen with a CT scan.

For MRI scans, on the other hand, far more details results can be seen. And doctors can have a more unobstructed view of the cancerous tissues and set the radiation to exactly where it needs to go. While this method is still in the testing process, a definite upgrade to radiology practices can positively transform the way cancer is treated in the future.

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