X-ray imaging has become an incredibly popular method that is used every day to diagnose a variety of medical issues within patients. While these devices are well-known for the name, the following are five interesting facts that you may not know about x-rays.

  1. Barium is quite frequently used with these tests.
    Barium is a chalky substance that patients drink before they take their x-ray exams. It is safe and provides accurate x-ray images which enable doctors to make a more precise diagnosis.
  2. X-rays have helped discover the structure of DNA.
    X-rays are known for their contribution to learning more about the structure of DNA and its helix shape. This came about because of a technique known as x-ray crystallography.
  3. X-rays were used immediately after its discovery.
    Surgeons made use of x-rays within just weeks of the discovery. Initially, the exams helped surgeons find bullets and other objects within the body that may have caused injury to the patients.
  4. X-rays had a massive impact on the treatment of Tuberculosis and the ability to destroy cancer cells.
    X-rays have helped doctors diagnose TB earlier on by showing shadows and spots on the lungs of a patient which has been caused by TB bacteria. X-rays were more commonly used by army factories and for people working in mines, which had helped save multiple lives because of the insightful information that the images were able to provide.
  5. The father of the X-ray, William Roentgen did not patent the X-ray.
    After the discovery of X-rays by William Roentgen, he did not patent the x-ray. This is because he saw the potential of these devices to save millions of lives through his discovery and did not want the use of these devices to be limited for patients. Currently, x-rays are used all around the world for different treatments and are more affordable because of him.

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