The medical world finds that assigning acronyms to commonly used terms or names of components makes their lives a little easier. If you and your medical facility are new to owning a C-Arm, knowing these terms would be able to help you understand the lingo and allow a more comfortable communication between staff and the service providers who work on your equipment.

Amber USA has devised a set of the most commonly used acronyms used concerning C-Arms.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
This is a standard for managing, storing, and transmitting information in medical imaging procedures. DICOM data can be exchanged between two systems that can receive and transmit patient data in DICOM format.


2. CCD Camera.
Charge Coupled Device Camera.
This refers to a camera which incorporates a CCD to create quality images under different light conditions.


3. PACS.
Picture Archiving and Communication System.
Imaging network technology that provides economical access and storage of images from different modalities.


4. II.
Image Intensifier.
This is an imaging component that is used for converting x-rays to visible images.


5. CPU board.
Central Processing Unit.
This refers to the central core of your system’s computer.
Having a functioning CPU board is vital to ensure the functionality of the overall system. It allows the internal components of the C-Arm machine to communicate with each other and work in harmony.


These are merely a few of the acronyms associated with the parts and accessories of a C-Arm. The next time you hear these terms, you might just be able to answer the questions that require answers.

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