Once a medical facility purchases their new C-Arm, the first thing they would typically want is to fire it out and try out the remote-controlled movements. However, some practitioners may face the issue of the C-Arm not moving when the joystick is pushed.

In the event of this situation, users may wonder about the reason for this.

Amber USA isn’t foreign to receiving calls from customers who are frustrated about this issue. Fortunately, the most common solution to this problem is relatively simple to understand. Consider the following information to see what may be wrong and how this issue can be fixed.

The easy fix:

It is most often found that the problem users may have is that when using the joystick, they may try to push the device from one side or with their fingertips. The design of the joystick for the C-Arm by OEC was actually devised in a manner where the joystick was only set to respond when it is fully gripped. This feature was introduced to ensure that the C-Arm joystick does not move unexpectedly due to accidental movements or slight bumps. Next time, try gripping the joystick as firmly as possible.

The tough fix:

If you have tried adjusting the grip on your C-Arm joystick and that doesn’t work, it is possible that your RUI has failed. If that’s the case, you may have to consider replacing the RUI unit which may be a bit pricey. However, third-party organizations may issue the unit for 1/3rd the cost of a brand new RUI.

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