When considering workhorse equipment, there isn’t a more durable and reliable system than the portable x-ray machine. Because of this durability and with a proper refurbishment process, an extension on the lives of portable x-ray equipment can be obtained longer than any other imaging system. Currently, with the right steps taken, the life extension of analog portable systems can be made with digital imaging technology by implementing wireless DR panel upgrades.

Going digital has been known to offer numerous benefits and includes the following.

Improved quality of images and radiation dose.

Recent technological improvements have provided better quality images for DR panels. By using Cesium Iodide panels (CSI), there would not only be improved clarity in images but also the benefit of a lower dose compared to using CR cassettes.

Workflow efficiency.

A wireless panel offers flexibility to complete just about any studies. Once the x-ray is fired, a preview of the image is provided on the workstation in a matter of only three seconds. If the image needs to be retaken, the decision to do so can be made before leaving the room.

Patient experience.

The efficiency of using a DR panel can impact the experience a patient would have. It does so by speeding up the process of obtaining images by slowing down the busy day a technician would have.

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