Amber USA has the advantage of working with a variety of equipment and with potential clients all around the world. To be able to serve all clients, Amber USA offers a vast market of equipment by nearly every quality manufacturer in the business.
However, one of the questions received was why it is so difficult to purchase a refurbished Toshiba MRI system. It was found that there are three primary reasons for this and is included in the following information.


The supply.

The Toshiba market is a lot narrower than other manufacturers like GE. While Toshiba has grown over the last few years, considering the life of an MRI, it would typically take numerous years for the given equipment to be available for future owners.

Service Providers.

The accessibility of service providers is very related to the Toshiba MRI market share for supply in the second-hand market system. There are, however, a few service providers for Toshiba MRI scanners. Although, since the reality is that there are fewer available systems in addition to a few qualified service providers, this has had a significant impact on the second-hand market for Toshiba MRI scanners.


Engineering Groups.

Once a system has been sought and purchased, Toshiba MRI scanners also face challenges when it comes to project logistics. While certain engineering groups collaborate with the service providers, it is generally scarce to find engineering groups who can relocate Toshiba MRI systems. This, in turn, would complicate the installation process.


With that being said, Toshiba MRI scanners in the secondary market can be purchased when the right vendor is sought. If you’re looking for Toshiba MRI scanners or other bands such as a Phillips MRI machine or Siemens MRI scanners, Amber USA is the place for you.

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