Among all the manufacturers available in the market, GE has one of the most significant install bases in the United States. Within that base, the GE Excite has become quite a popular model. Although, since equipment like the GE Excite is aging, many consumers start considering other options for replacement.

While the Excite ages, many medical imaging facilities start to feel the doubt between replacing and upgrading their MRI technology to serve patients better and being able to stay within tight budget constraints. To meet both needs, Amber USA suggests considering a field upgrade for the system to the 15x, 16x, or even the 23x level. To support the suggestion, the following benefits are provided to show customers how they may gain an advantage in choosing to upgrade their GE Excite over replacing the equipment.


The increase in patient throughput.

A software upgrade could decrease the scanning times while being able to get patients in and out faster. By doing so, they can save time, and more latitude can be created for the patient schedules of medical practitioners.

Patient comfort.

Since many patients find MRI scans uncomfortable and downright long, through the upgrade, shorter scanning times could help in terms of their overall experience.


Cost saving.

It is a well-known fact that MRI scanners don’t come cheap. By upgrading these systems instead of replacing them, medical facilities would not only be provided with efficient scanning times but also a significant amount of money saved from purchasing new medical imaging equipment.


Reduced downtime.

Replacing an entire magnet can take up to a month of equipment downtime. By eliminating the process of mechanical magnet installation, upgrades would only take up to five days of downtime.


Ultimately, it has been found that most medical facilities looking to replace their GE Excite MRI scanners aren’t doing so because of dissatisfaction with the magnet, but because they are hoping for system advancements through other components.

If your medical facility is looking for more information on MRI upgrades, feel free to contact Amber USA for more details. Additionally, Amber USA also issues a variety of used and refurbished medical imaging equipment at the best prices including CT scanners, x-ray equipment, a c arm machine, and much more.

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