Those with ongoing court cases, especially involving divorce or child support, cannot afford to miss hearings. The reasons that many parents present for missing hearings are often discarded without a second thought. That is because the fault still remains with the parents in most of these instances.

Your mailing address is of utmost importance when it comes to being notified of hearings on time. Any change of mailing address should be informed properly and promptly to relevant authorities. That is crucial to ensure that no mistakes occur in that department. There have been many occurrences of missing hearings due to misdelivered or undeliverable mail. Also, more often than expected, changes of mailing addresses are not informed properly to the relevant authorities. That is more or less similar to not informing the change of address at all.

Not just changes of address. Many have reportedly thrown out important mail including court documents assuming them to be junk mail. Some merely judge from the outer envelope and decide if it goes in the junk mail pile or not. This is never a good idea if you are involved in a court case. All mail that is received must be opened and checked to decipher if the material is important or not. Judging by the envelope and throwing junk mail away is too large a risk to be taken.

In both these instances, the fault lies with the client. That is because the mail is only required to be sent to the last known address. As far as the court is concerned, in this scenario, that criterion has been fulfilled. Therefore, be mindful about the mail you receive and inform of any changes in mailing address promptly and correctly.

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