If you’ve come to a conclusion that your marriage is over, divorce doesn’t have to be the only option for you anymore. Currently, many couples are choosing the method of legal separation. However, like any procedure, there are both positive and negative aspects to both divorce and legal separation. Especially when it comes to the financial area of the procedures.

There are two different kinds of legal separation. The first one involves a court proceeding. The other is more of an informal procedure.

In the court proceeding legal separation, a spouse files a petition with the court requesting a separation. The court will then identify if the same kinds of issues involved in a divorce. This includes child support, alimony, child custody, and property division. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all the states in the country offer this procedure.

One of the greatest benefits of using separation agreements is that the expenses involved in a normal divorce proceeding aren’t incurred. However, if spouses are opting for a court separation procedure, or separation agreement, the ultimate matter is that both spouses are still married.

A divorce addresses the same issues that a legal separation does, however, it ends the marriage permanently. This means that both former spouses become single and are then free to remarry if they want.

While legal separation can be beneficial to spouses and more financially appealing, divorce can bring a cleaner slate after a marriage has ended and both spouses want to make sure there is no more spousal obligations from either party of the marriage.

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