A private judge is someone who has been assigned all the powers of a traditional judge in public courts. However, a private judge conducts all divorce hearings and trials in private. It is typically done in an office.

Frequently, private judges are hired to avoid the public courtrooms and long waits for divorce. A private judge, however, should be appointed and approved by a local court. Once a private judge has been appointed for a divorce case, the private judge will then act as a traditional judge to decide divorce issues.

A private judge can:

• Issue temporary or permanent restraining orders.
• Handle discovery disputes.
• Issue relevant decisions by reviewing the laws and facts of the case.
• Schedule and hold hearings.

A few benefits that couples may gain through hiring a private judge include:

• Couples can select a judge who they believe is best suited for their case.

In ordinary courts, couples are assigned random judges. When it comes to different couples getting a divorce, each case is unique. Because of that couples would have a preference to a judge. In hiring private judges, spouses are given that option.

• The case can go on more quickly.

If couples can choose their own private judge, they can move things along faster. This is because private judges are able to fit in couples more quickly. Whereas, typical judges can be booked for many months.

• Additional privacy.

Generally, in public courts, any bystander can walk into the court trial and watch. Whereas, with a private judge, the case would be held in private.

While private judges may seem incredibly efficient, they are very costly. However, if couples are able to afford a private judge, the benefits can ensure a smoothly run divorce.

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