The biggest issue in deciding marriage isn’t going to work, is the feeling of having your house cut in two. Different disparities could cause there to be a hostile environment within the household. This hostility could be especially damaging when there’s a child or children involved. The uncertainties of the home life become what was already a reality in the minds of both spouses. Negativity could be realizations that people are surrounded by a social environment where nearly half of marriages today end up in divorce. Because of this, fewer children are being able to grow up in a home where there are two parents raising children under one roof.

These negative realizations have unfortunately become a reality where marriage and family have become a lot less permanent than they once were.

The term “broken home” has become far more than just a metaphor. However, different children would deal with these situations in different ways. A lot of younger children would find themselves seeking someone to talk to such as uncles or grandparents and becomes a heartfelt notion when they exclaim “mom and dad aren’t happy anymore.”
The older children, however, would provide somewhat of a hostile environment themselves, which in turn could affect their school work, social norm, and even their general attitude towards people.

Whether parents aren’t happy with each other or not, it is important to make children feel like there was no reason for them to be of the blame. Marriages go through rough patches every now and then, but children always notice when things start to go south with their parents.

For spouses to appropriately deal with the reality of the fact that their marriage just isn’t going to work, there are different ways that they can deal with that situation. Divorce isn’t something to be afraid of, and hiring the right Orlando FL divorce attorney could contribute to at least maintaining a clean break.

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