Depression, also known as the major depressive disorder, is a common but serious mental health condition that negatively affects the way individuals feel, the way they think, and how they act.

Fortunately, depression is a condition that is treatable. General Symptoms of Depression include feelings of sadness and possibly add a general loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable or pleasurable.

Depression in Elderly people:

Depression in older adults is unfortunately and incredibly common. However, it is not a normal part of aging. Depression in seniors affects around six million people ages 65 and older, in the United States alone. Unfortunately, only about 10% of these individuals get treatments for the occurring depression. One of the main reasons that depression in elderly folks goes undetected is because it is presumed that the depression seniors go through are merely the effects of many illnesses or the results of medicine used to treat illnesses.

Treatment-resistant depression:

Treatment-resistant depression refers to individuals whose depression symptoms don’t respond to medication or psychotherapy. Recent studies have presumed that around 30% of individuals suffering from depression in primary care have a 0% response rate to the provided antidepressant medication. However, about 40% of individuals that do take antidepressant medication and see responses from it, around 20% of individuals taking antidepressants stop the use of it due to the side effects.

Individuals who have treatment-resistant depression could have tried multiple possible types of medications along with many psychotherapists and possibly other approaches, but no treatment seems to reduce the disorder.

If suffering from treatment-resistant depression, feelings of hopelessness and frustration may be faced by individuals. However, there are other options for treatment and finding the right Ocoee psychiatrist and working together could help find an appropriate treatment procedure for individuals.

Silver Lining psychiatry seeks to provide the right amount of care and treatment to ensure that individuals are able to see results and recover which would enable the betterment of individual health and the achievement of personal goals.