Does self-confidence seem to be too far out of reach for you? We all have our own insecurities that weigh us down in some way or another. But you get to decide if it’s self-confidence that you choose or self-doubt.

Deciding to choose one over the other has its consequences. Self-doubt may be easy to manifest, but it can limit you from reaching your full potential. It can affect work and your life adversely if you continue to doubt yourself 24/7.

On the other hand, self-confidence helps you achieve your dreams. Being confident with yourself means less or no doubt in your capabilities. And that reduces the stress and anxiety associated with self-doubt leading to significantly fewer problems to tackle in your life.

Bear in mind that being self-confident and being arrogant with overconfidence differ drastically. Sometimes overconfidence can be as bad as the lack of self-confidence or worse. But self-confident helps you navigate through life better.

Where do you think this self-confidence lies in? Is it in the materialistic possessions or in our external appearance? The answer is no. Although those factors may give some immediate results in the short-term, it won’t last long-term.

The key to self-confidence lies in your beliefs and mentality. It may be surprising to you, but all it takes to develop self-esteem is to adjust your thoughts. If the answer lay with materialistic possessions or looks, the self-confidence would be attached to those. Thus being capable of being stripped of your confidence when those attributes leave you.

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