What do you know about intellectual disability? It is a developmental disorder that results in significant limitations in individuals. These can be limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. Also, the condition must have originated before the age of 18.

Intellectual disability is now the preferred term while other offensive terms have been discarded. The terms such as mental retardation and mental deficiency are no longer being used.

Your Psychiatrist can help correctly diagnose the presence of intellectual disability. Limitations in intellectual functioning include those of reasoning, problem-solving, judgment, planning, etc. Limitations in adaptive behavior can be varied. Some such limitations may appear in the academic level which poses difficulties in memory, reading, writing and mathematical skills. Others can be in the social category which results in the individual’s limitations in interpersonal skills. That can make it difficult to socialize, make friends and even in emotional awareness. Another set of constraints can occur when taking care of oneself. These include difficulties in personal care, work, and money management, etc.

All the above mentioned limitations can pose difficulties for individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability. These limitations can vary from mild to severe levels. Children with intellectual disabilities undergo the same development as of those without. But the rate of growth is slower than in those without intellectual disabilities. Also, individuals with intellectual disabilities are more prone to other mental or physical disorders as well.

Nevertheless, your Psychiatrist Orlando will tell you that early diagnosis can be beneficial. It is not always easy for parents and caregivers to handle this issue with a proactive mindset. But with early diagnosis, the help needed can be obtained sooner. Contact Psychiatrist Orlando, here at Silver Lining Psychiatry to find out more. Call now to get an appointment right away to get professional help.