Pregnancy is known for coming with its very own set of challenges; the body swells, there are periods of extreme fatigue, and drastic hormonal changes. Add to that, the effects of a condition like Psoriasis can make the challenges of a pregnancy harder to deal with. When considering the treatment of Psoriasis, the first thing to be concerned about is the safety of the unborn child. Therefore, the right choices are needed to be made.

Psoriasis flare-ups are known for being worse while pregnant. On the other hand, however, some women find that their psoriasis tends to subside in intensity during pregnancy. The fact is that there is no actual way to predict how psoriasis would react when pregnant since it can have a different reaction on different women.

However, the use of gentle tropical moisturizers and emollients is typically recommended for alleviating the dryness and itchiness that comes with the skin condition. If a pregnant mother is needed to undergo a treatment like Ultraviolet A for the skin condition, it is advised that the mother refrains from doing so during the course of pregnancy since the treatment can affect the unborn child.

Treating psoriasis.

There are certain steps that pregnant women can take and certain things to be aware of when managing Psoriasis while pregnant. It is essential to consult a doctor regarding any concerns, including skincare concerns, that may arise during pregnency, since protecting the baby’s health is the most important thing.

  • For moisturizing the skin condition, petroleum jelly or mineral oils can be used primarily on the dry areas of the skin that have the most discomfort. This can help with flakiness and relieve itchiness for a while and ensure a level of comfort for the mother.
  • Try reducing as much stress as possible. While this may seem impossible to do at times, especially when pregnant, it is essential when it comes to minimizing flare-ups of the skin condition.

If you are afflicted with any skin conditions during pregnancy, it is essential to sit down with a skin care specialist and discuss treatments, adjustments to your lifestyle, and ask any questions regarding you and your baby’s health that you may have. Dr. Johnny Gurgen at Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is one of the best dermatologists in the Villages FL. Dr. Johnny Gurgen comes with years of experience and expertise to make sure every patient receives the best care they need!

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