Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis mostly occurs in children and can last into adulthood. It is a skin condition that results in itchy and red skin. This is a chronic skin disease that flares every now and then.

Your skin provides you with protection from natural elements and other substances. When this protective ability of the skin lessens, adverse reactions occur for even the slightest airborne particles. That can result in itchy skin. Due to persistent scratching, the skin may be swollen and cracked. Some cases have even been reported where the scratching became a habitual action after a while. Eczema can turn so severe that sometimes even sleeping seems impossible due to the itchy skin. It is high time to consult a dermatologist right away if the condition compromises daily life activities and is uncomfortable.

Sadly, Atopic Dermatitis does not have a cure. But there are treatments available to relieve the symptoms and to prevent flares. Specific home remedies can also help subside the condition in less severe cases.

Eczema often occurs with dry skin; therefore, moisturizer is very important. It is best to moisturize the skin twice a day. Also, the presence of this condition may also trigger sensitivity to many allergens and irritants. It is best to avoid those as much as possible. Wearing comfortable and smooth clothing can also help soothe your skin. Also, note that eczema patients should take measures to prevent their skin from drying. On that note, long showers can be detrimental as it can cause drying. Try to limit the showering time to 15 minutes or less. Also, make sure not to use harsh soaps or shampoos. These precautions can help ease the condition in a way and prevent flares.

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