If you are thinking of purchasing radiology equipment, now is the time to act. Section 179 Deduction for 2018 happens to be in favor of your purchase of radiology equipment. You might be able to reap its benefits this year itself if you act fast.

Section 179 as its official website claims, is not a mysterious or complicated tax code. Instead, it simply targets to benefit small and medium-sized businesses (mostly). Basically what you need to know about this tax code is this. It lets companies deduct the total purchasing price of equipment purchased or financed during this tax year. The qualifying equipment purchased for business use must be in use before 31st Dec 2018. So time is indeed limited in this scenario. The machines that you purchase need not be brand new. It just has to be new to you. That lets you buy even used and refurbished qualifying equipment.

The 2018 deduction limit is one million dollars while the spending cap on equipment purchases is 2.5 million dollars. Further information can be obtained on the official website for Section 179.

This section is here to encourage businesses to invest in themselves. Hence buy much-needed equipment and deduct its full purchase price from the gross income.

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