R/F (Radiography/Fluoroscopy) can be described as the initial stage of human imaging studies. Over the years, the changes to these studies have brought major value to medical imaging centers and department.

Fluoroscopy is a method used to provide real-time x-ray imaging. This method of radiography is perfect for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures. The systems provide the ability to display motion. This motion is provided by a continuous series of images produced at a maximum rate of 25 to 30 images per second. This type of imaging works in the same way a conventional video or television does.

The biggest benefits of these systems have helped with is the performance of live surgeries which has guaranteed a greater improvement in the medical industry.

The typical room for Fluoroscopy has included:

  • Detection of images. This includes an image intensifier and TV camera.
  • Bucky unit and table.
  • Efficient image display including monitor support.
  • Application and examination database.
  • Generator.
  • X-ray tube.
  • Digital Imaging.
  • Ceiling suspension
  • Lead Lining:

Each state has different laws when it comes to lead lining an R/F room. Sometimes, the procedures performed in these rooms would be able to determine whether lining would be required. When angling an image intensifier that emits the beams on a wall instead of downwards, lead lining might be required.

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