Thyroid cancer frequently appears with barely any symptoms. However, when symptoms do present itself, the most common is a lump in the neck. Less commonly, patients would find themselves experiencing hoarseness or change in voice. Signs of pain are incredibly rare in individuals except in some cases of inflammatory conditions.

Thyroid cancer could be diagnosed with the possible symptoms but mostly through the process of routine physical examinations or tests. If an individual has a reason to suspect they have thyroid cancer, a doctor would typically use one or more tests to determine this. Since the symptoms of thyroid cancer are minimal in most cases, tests would be taken to confirm the diagnosis.

Similar to the process of a CT scan, using an efficient MRI (such as the MRI Philips brand) could be utilized to determine if the cancer is present in the thyroid. This procedure could also be used to identify if cancer has spread to near or distant parts of the body. Although an ultrasound would usually be the first choice for examining the thyroid, performing an MRI scan would be able to provide physicians with detailed pictures of soft tissues within the body such as the thyroid gland.

To perform and ensure a comprehensive diagnosis, utilization of the right equipment should be one of the biggest focuses in the health industry.

Amber Diagnostics is an organization that provides used and refurbished radiology equipment at the highest quality to produce the best results for patients.

Since it is understood that the cost of an MRI machine would be a primary concern, all the used MRI systems can be customized to fit client price ranges and technical requirements.

Amber Diagnostics has an extensive selection of MRI equipment. Highly skilled experts are available to assist customers in the process of selecting the right MRI machine for patients and practices.

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