Within the health industry, mobile and portable x-ray machines have become increasingly popular. In addition, the equipment demand bringing technologists out of rooms with fixed x-ray devices have also drastically grown.

One of the most significant factors that drive the increasing demand for portable x-ray machines is the need for a better bedside x-ray imaging. Most of these processes have already moved to digital computed radiography either way.

Generally, obtaining images of quality for some of the sickest patients who are often located within Intensive Care Units can be incredibly time consuming and difficult.

The process of chest radiography involves initially utilizing a small dose of ionizing radiation for the production of the necessary images inside the chest. This process is able to evaluate lungs, chest wall, and the heart. It can also assist in the diagnosis of short breaths, coughs that are persistent, fevers, and/or chest pains and injuries.

Generally, chest x-rays are quick and painless, and the use of a fixed x-ray machine has always been identified as superior to mobile x-rays. However, the introduction of the GE digital portable x ray machine has been developed for and ensures similar features as compared to a fixed x-ray device. This device would be able to offer the development of images on the spot and reduce the burden of point-of-care clinical decisions. This device would able to minimize patient movement and ensure patients receive the rest they require especially for critical patients suffering from chest related problems along with other issues patients might be facing internally.

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