It is not a question if parent’s divorce affects the children in one way or another. It always does. But the effects may be different based on the children’s age at the time of divorce. Not children of all ages handle their parent’s divorce in the same manner.

Divorce can leave you questioning your life decisions and having to start all over. But while you need to think about your needs, your children’s needs do come first. Think about what they are facing and how they might feel in these challenging times. More often they need to live in two households opposed to just one. And they will most probably never see both parents together at the same time. These can have significant effects on the child’s growth and development.

If the children are quite young during the divorce, they will take time to handle it. They will turn out to be somewhat dependent on the parents for a longer time than usual. And young children tend to hold on to the hope of their parents getting back together.

The same set of reactions cannot be expected from older adolescents. The older children usually turn independent sooner than others do. And they accept the reality sooner.

It is not always a given set of reactions from each child of that age. Each case can be very different up close. But as parents, you need to understand why your child is acting the way they do.

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