One of the many unfortunate results of two parents divorcing is the children in question being affected in the process. There will be issues about which parent gets custody, how often the other parent gets to visit and so on. Amongst those many problems, one major problem is child support. You need to make sure that you pay or receive the right amount that can support your child’s needs adequately. That is what Child Support Lawyer Orlando is excellent at helping you with.

Your child’s or children’s needs come first and foremost. There are many needs that kids have these days. All those need to be accounted for when deciding the amount of child support. As complex as they may be, all factors should be considered.

Also, it is not just that. The incomes of both parents are also taken into consideration. The amount being paid or received has an apparent relation to the income of the parents. That is why it is also necessary to modify your child support based on salary increments etc. Also, in most cases, there have been issues about deliberately stating lower income to pay lesser child support. These practices can lead to suspension of your driver’s license or even jail time.

Child Support Lawyer Orlando, at Erin Morse Law Firm can help you decide the fair amount of child support that is needed in your case. The appropriate amount that will support your child financially needs to be available to meet the needs of your child.

At the Law Office of Erin Morse, they put your children’s interests above all. With Erin Morse handling your case, you can be sure that your child gets the bright future he/she deserves. Child Support Lawyer Orlando, Erin Morse’s wise counsel, is just a few clicks away. Contact her right now with your case, and she will safeguard yours and your child’s interests to the end.

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