Are You Familiar With What An R/F Room Is?

R/F (Radiography/Fluoroscopy) can be described as the initial stage of human imaging studies. Over the years, the changes to these studies have brought major value to medical imaging centers and department. Fluoroscopy is a method used to provide real-time x-ray imaging. This method of radiography is perfect for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional […]

6 Questions That Will Guarantee You’re Ready To Purchase A CT Scanner.

So you’re ready to purchase a new CT scanner for your medical facility. Purchasing medical imaging equipment isn’t something to be taken lightly. Before doing so there are a few questions to ask yourself. Some of the basic questions include: What is your primary goal with a new CT scanner? Is the new CT for […]

How Convenient Would X-rays At Home Be?

Medical imaging is one of the most practical and beneficial introductions that have been made in the healthcare industry. These services have helped medical practitioners diagnose patients and treat patients with better precision and increased accuracy. These devices use techniques to help visualize the internal aspects of individuals for use in clinical treatments and diagnosis […]