So you’re ready to purchase a new CT scanner for your medical facility. Purchasing medical imaging equipment isn’t something to be taken lightly. Before doing so there are a few questions to ask yourself. Some of the basic questions include:

  • What is your primary goal with a new CT scanner?
  • Is the new CT for service lines like for cardiac, pediatric, or ED?
  • Primarily what exams would the device be used for?
  • Would the current CT shortcomings be improved with the new device?
  • What limitations would be overcome with the new CT?
  • Is the new device to alleviate competition in the local market?
  • What kind of competition are you faced with? (e.g., another hospital, imaging center, etc.)
  • What competitive advantage does your competition have over what you have?
  • Are you looking for lower dose CT scanners?
  • Is your new CT upgrade based on reducing the dose?
  • Are you obligated to purchase a brand new CT scanner because upgrades aren’t available for your current CT?
  • Is the upgrade of the current CT based on trying to get better referrals?
  • If additional referrals are acquired, would the new number of references be able to regain the debt acquired through the purchase?
  • Is your current budget for expenses enough for the renovation of the room to accompany the new CT scanner?
  • Have you calculated the full amount for your purchase?

Brand new CT scanners can cost a fortune, making the purchase can benefit a facility if there are enough patients to constantly visit and take CT scans on a daily basis. However, if there isn’t a large market for patients that want to get CT scans, other options can be considered, such as used and refurbished CT scanners.

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