Fluoroscopic procedures are generally done very often across the world. Performing these procedures may, however, acquire some pitfalls. In this case, identifying the methods in performing these procedures safely is vital. All the relevant personnel involved in the fluoroscopy examination should conduct their role in ensuring that the patient’s procedure is done in the safest and most efficient manner.

According to studies conducted and articles published, there may be a significant amount of radiation that patients are exposed to during these procedures. However, the reality is that most manufacturers have attempted to minimize radiation by installing a variety of tools in a fluoroscopy machine.

Diagnostic Fluoroscopy uses radiation in real time to visualize the anatomy of an individual. Therefore, patients do have the chance of being exposed to adverse reactions.

The pitfalls that may be experienced by individuals include:
  • All employees working with the radiology department should be fluoroscopy competent, up-to-date with the adequate procedures, and all machines should be equipped with alerts showing excessiveness.
  • Not using the last image hold/save grab feature which is one of the easiest and best ways to reduce patient radiation exposure.
  • By using the lowest possible pulse rate available, the dose the patient is exposed to is also lowered with fluoroscopy time.
  • The image intensifier should be set as safely close to the patient as possible. This would allow a significant decrease in both magnification and patient dose of radiation exposure.
The right procedures should be applied according to each patients procedure and the size of the patient.

Patient safety should be the primary focus when performing a Fluoroscopy. However, care must also be taken in ensuring all individuals involved are as safe as possible. Using the right pieces of equipment such as GE products could also contribute to making sure the entire procedure is completed successfully. The GE Fluoroscopy machine is one of the best devices for performing real-time x-ray procedures with optimal results.

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