Residents in a nursing home who are generally the elderly and are in need of radiology services are customarily transferred to hospitals even for standard procedures such as x-rays. For nursing home residents, especially individuals with memory-related disorders such as dementia require familiar surroundings to feel safe. Being placed in new environments for radiology services may cause these individuals to suffer from increased tension, anxiety, and disorientation. To achieve the contentment in these individuals, it is vital for the organization to provide centered care.

Studies have been conducted to show that patients frequently receive treatment within the nursing home itself, with minimal facilities available after hospital treatment. Being present in the nursing home environment is generally more appropriate for residents compared to the hospital department for x-rays or the ward. In that aspect portable x-ray services could provide a substantial benefit to the home and residents who are in need of the proper care and depiction of what may be an issue for that particular individual.
Nursing home workers might require thorough knowledge and treatments when attending to patients within the nursing home itself. Mobile x-rays would offer nurses the preparation for carrying out x-ray procedures efficiently through the new and advanced systems available.
Portable x-ray service would offer an ideal way to organize the radiology services for the residents in a nursing home with increased benefits such as:

  • Reduced anxiety.
  • Reduced confusion.
  • Reduced delirium.
  • Reduced ambulance and taxi transportation costs to the hospital.

Ensuring that individuals residing in a nursing home require the proper diagnosis and treatment is a requirement for the health and safety of these people. When selecting a portable x-ray system choosing the right piece of equipment should be one of the vital factors to consider to ensure that the best results are received, the life expectancy of the device is at maximum, and quality images are produced. The GE portable x ray machine is one of the best tools in the market currently. This device offers the ability to develop images on the spot and reduce the burden of point-of-care clinical decisions to be made.

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