Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines use a powerful magnetic field, radio waves, and computers for the production of a detailed image of the inside of an individuals body. These scans may be used for the diagnosis, monitoring and/or treatment of multiple different types of conditions within the chest, abdominal, and pelvic regions.

General procedures for preparation of receiving an MRI requires understanding how it works and what is required of the patient. This involves:

  • Wearing a hospital gown, or wear loose-fitting clothes with no metal fasteners.
  • Drinking or eating before an MRI may vary according to the imaging facility and the advice given by the physician.
  • Being aware of allergic reactions.
  • The radiologist should be informed about any severe health conditions.
  • For pregnant women, although there were no reports of any ill effects, it is essential to understand that if performing an MRI, the baby will be encapsulated in a strong magnetic field. For this reason avoiding an MRI for the first 3-4 months, in the least, is vital for safety.
  • If an individual has claustrophobia or anxiety, informing the radiologist would allow them to determine other alternative machines available for these conditions.
  • Jewelry and other accessories should be avoided during the procedure as much as possible.
  • ¬†In most cases, patients with metal implants should avoid MRI scans.
  • ¬†Although rare, tattoos can become a concern and the radiologist can be consulted for safety.

When it comes to children sedation or anesthesia can be provided to help get through an MRI scan without moving depending on the age. Although currently available are goggles or headsets which would allow children to be able to watch movies keeping them motionless for good quality image scans.

The process of getting an MRI scan may seem formidable at first, but the procedure is quite simple. Ensuring that a hospital or medical facility is making use of the right ONI MRI device is vital for high-quality results.

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