A typical computer keyboard can harbor super bugs and germs as MRSA which is placed in an exposed environment to patients and disease spreading agents. Not only the breeding of microbes, but the dust and dirt are also collected on these touching surfaces for an extended period and very rarely getting sanitized. All these factors play vital roles in transmittance of disease spreading microorganisms from one person to another. The seal shield washable keyboards come up with a perfect solution for this cross contamination infectiousness and cease the harmful impacts of these dangerous germs.

The key attribute of using seal shield washable keyboard is to ensure a hygienic environment in hospitals, food serving stations, and several other places where the sanitation and cleanliness are essential. These sanitary keyboards are enriched with the feature, waterproofness. Therefore, these keyboards can be washed by immersing in water, pouring water on the surface, half sink in a water source, or any other cleaning method.

The importance of this washable keyboard is that it protects the hardware and the software eligibility of the keyboard without making an impact by the liquid intrusion. Unlike many other medical keyboards, the seal shield washable keyboards are fully submersible in water and commercial grade disinfectant dissolutions. Also, they tested a deficient bacteria count after testing using an ATP tester right after cleaning. There is no limitation on the number of times of cleaning and can be washed any time as necessary.

The seal shield washable keyboard provides an array of types of keyboards as the standard model, TAA compliant, backlit, silicon, wireless, Bluetooth, all-in-one, and international keyboards. These are designed to process with less disturbance to the important errands to run in the hospital and the sick patient’s piece which needs for a fast recovery. As an example, the backlit keyboard has little illumination behind the keys which allows the user to work even in a dark room without turning on the room bulb which could be a distraction of patient’s sleep.