Mecatos Bakery & Café Downtown Orlando

You cannot deny that you enjoy coffee as much as I do. Perhaps you go over to coffee houses solely to appreciate a lovely boiling cup of coffee throughout the morning, or probably it is one of the few locations where you are able to work at a laptop for several hours without feeling like you’re squandering time. However, choosing the best coffee house for you might be more complicated than choosing your beverage.

So, in this article, we will look at Mecatos Downtown Bakery & Café; and find out where this place can be your new spot to have some coffee while having pastries on your side.

About Mecatos Café

The mission of Mecatos Café is to provide a comfortable, contemporary, and stylish environment where people can enjoy delectable pastries and baked as well as cooked meals that are traditional throughout Colombia and some other Latin American nations. When paired alongside one of their delicious coffee beverages, hot cocoa, or sweet smoothies, their mission is to establish themselves as a name synonymous with going above and beyond for their clients.


Mecatos Café’s original plan was to develop a small, locally-owned business where they could introduce people from all walks of life to Colombia’s delicious and varied cuisine and vibrant traditions and culture. Edwin Lurduy, the firm’s existing CEO, founded Mecatos Bakery & Café; in 2015, and then on April 1, 2016, the business launched its first ever café. The innovative idea of MECATOS was quickly embraced by a sizable consumer base, helping fuel the chain’s rapid expansion to four thriving sites.

Mecatos Bakery and Cafe’s Downtown is their 3rd location opened in February 14th 2020. Mecatos Downtown branch is located at 20 N Orange Avenue, Ste. 102A, Orlando Florida, 32801. The store is open from 7 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday. To get to the Mecatos Downtown location, you can navigate starting from the famous Lake Eola Park at E. Central Boulevard, you can get to Mecatos Downtown after two blocks to the west. You will reach a new block with Morgan and Morgan building. Turn “Right” onto that street at N. Orange Avenue. Mecatos Downtown Cafe is at Suite 102A, at the end of the Morgan and Morgan building.


Price and Value

Some Coffee houses provide a wide variety of drinks, each of which may be purchased for a price that varies according to volume and the components utilized. In certain establishments, additions such as extra shots, whipped cream, as well as flavorings come at an additional cost. However, Mecatos Downtown customers do not have to worry about this happening to them. Since they feel that a good store offers competitive rates for high-quality components, in addition to promotions that let consumers test new beverages at discounted rates or perhaps even freebies of newer flavors and products before purchasing such beverages or items.


When selecting a coffee house, this is the aspect that is most crucial to look at. An excellent coffee business must brew coffee that is both fresh and full of taste. The most fantastic coffee shops buy high-quality beans and roast and grind them on the premises. Good for you because Mecatos Orlando serves only high-quality beans to produce high-quality coffee for their customers.

Customer Service

Mecatos Downtown honestly believe that an excellent coffee house has helpful personnel who could really answer questions regarding their goods and services and suggest new things to try depending on what you’ve already purchased or customer interests for taste, bitterness, and some other elements. Their baristas are thoroughly familiar with their menu and competent to modify orders for those who have sensitivities (for example, allergies to dairy, soy, and nuts).

Even though it might seem simple, the visual aspect should be considered when selecting the best coffee. Mecatos Downtown has its own distinct culture, energy and creativity, and environment, in addition to being a location to take a hot cup of coffee.

Inside the Mercato’s, the moment you sit at their table, you can instantly feel the room’s cozy ambiance. The smell of high-quality coffee kisses your nose, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Their enthusiasm towards Colombian cuisine and culture served as the impetus for the conception of such a conceptual café;, through which they have endeavored to cultivate an atmosphere that is inclusive of all people. You can appreciate one of the numerous alternatives they provide, regardless of your cultural or ethnic heritage.