Surrogacy in California for Surrogates & Parents

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process whereby the surrogate mother approves to carry a baby on behalf of someone else (who will become that baby’s parent or guardian). When pregnancy becomes medically impossible, people choose surrogacy as an alternative. A surrogacy arrangement is very common nowadays, especially in California. California surrogates are extremely humble & generous to parents. A surrogate mother is someone who becomes pregnant for an individual or couple with the help of artificial fertilization or by inserting a fertilized egg. A woman should have an age range of 21-45 to become a surrogate mother and should have a reproductive background. A surrogate mother should not be addicted to intoxication (drugs & alcohol) and must have a healthy lifestyle. A woman has to go through the test before becoming a surrogate mother.

There are two types of surrogate mother which is described below:

• Traditional Surrogate: A traditional surrogate gets artificially fertilized with the help of father’s or donor’s sperm and as it was woman’s egg that is been fertilized they become the child’s biological mother. Then carry the child till it is been born and then hand over the baby to the parents.

• Gestational Surrogates: In this, a method called IVF (in vitro fertilization) is used in which egg is been fertilized with the sperm. Both egg and sperm come from real parents and then placed in the uterus of the surrogate. The gestational surrogate then carries the child till it is been born.

People often choose surrogacy when the mother is not able to carry a baby by herself. Several surrogacy agencies in California are willing to help people in becoming parents. Even same-sex couples can have a baby with the help of surrogacy. Heterosexual couples can have a baby who is struggling with infertility. A woman gets around $35k to become a surrogate mother along with other benefits. Though the fees depends on various factors like:
• Where the surrogate mother lives
• Is she a first-time carrier
• Does she has an insurance

The process of surrogacy in California has various stages including applying for a parent or a surrogate in a surrogacy agency. A surrogate mother can work with many intended parents (local as well as international). Then surrogates have to meet all the basic requirements and parents should get a consultation session. Profile of parent and surrogate is been matched. Then they have to go through screenings, medication & after that embryo transfer is done. The baby is delivered after the pregnancy is confirmed. Surrogate mothers are willing to help parents who are struggling with infertility. They are selfless, generous, and share lifelong bonds with the parents. For surrogacy arrangements, people should contact to surrogacy professional as this kind of agency offers 1-on-1 advice, guidance, or mentorship in the process of surrogacy. They are a full-service agency that aims to provide valuable care & compassion to all of their families and will navigate people in growing their families. Parents & surrogates will get an incredible sense of fulfillment by joining this kind of agency. People who want to become a parent or a surrogate mother can contact with Made in the USA Surrogacy (how to become a surrogate). Before connecting with the surrogacy agency, people should visit their website, check their reviews (to ensure that the agency is genuine), and then compare to other similar agencies.

Surrogacy is a complex process and parents should consult with an experienced agency like Made in the USA Surrogacy. The reason why a parent or a surrogate should consider this agency is because they have the best fertility clinics in California just like California Surrogates Agency.