Conventional water heaters have a standby tank of water which is heated and cooled continuously. That can be quite ineffective as it ends up wasting too much energy on heating water. What if there was a water heater that heated up the water as you needed it at the point needed? A tankless water heater does that.

A tankless water heater has no standby tank as its name implies. It will heat the water needed as it is required. Due to this reason, there will be no need for a tank to retain water. And thus no energy losses associated with it.

Also, this water can be heated at the point where it is needed itself. This will ensure that there is no need to deliver water from one location to another. That will eliminate delivery losses associated with the pipes.

As the water is heated up to the needed temperature at the required time, there is no waiting required. Moreover, these compact models require only very small spaces and can easily be installed almost anywhere.

These tankless water heaters can also help save water. There will be no unnecessary quantities of water heated up. Only the needed amount of water will be heated when it is needed.

It is also durable and inexpensive compared to the conventional water heater. With all these plus points there is a minor drawback of having a low flow rate. But even this has been made up for in newer models.

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