Anytime is a perfect time to celebrate. There aren’t good and bad days in the year to host an event. It is always the right time to be merry as you are given the reason to be so. To make your function complete all the same while ensuring your peace of mind, you will need to have a professional who has the expertise and the born-skills to handle them.

One needs to have the ability to compromise without bringing down any values of the customer as an individual and the event as a whole. And we can guarantee Tampa Event Planners, SaltBlock Hospitality Group fit in perfectly with the criteria mentioned above. Saltblock Hospitality Group has been excelled to be one of the best in Tampa.

The place where you are going to have the event matters mainly to the outcome you expect from hosting it. Therefore, we have introduced only the best options for you to choose from. And we are proud to claim that Tampa Event Planners, Saltblock Hospitality Group, has been able to grasp the characteristic differences of people and come up with the broadest variety ever to be introduced when selecting venues for special occasions as follows:

  • Orlo
  • Cavu
  • Franklin Manor
  • The Red Door
  • Glazer Children’s Museum
  • Forty-two Ten
  • The Vault 
  • Rialto Theatre
  • Tampa Bay Watch and much more.

Adding to the beauty these places have to offer, Tampa Event Planners, Saltblock Hospitality Group, give out the best experience in delicacies we prepare for your function.

Consisting of the finest and the freshest ingredients, the platters will not leave the kitchen without being handcrafted by the professionals. And complementing the food, we will be providing the beverages by ourselves, which will have almost everything you will need ranging from local beers to cocktails.

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