Although it is considered to be pretty much of a challenge to ensure proper communication between manufacturers and their suppliers, there are many tools out there which have been released to be made use of to achieve the said purpose. But even then, many businesses fail to maintain proper collaboration with their suppliers simply because many of the tools mentioned above don’t really serve the purpose that they were meant for in the first place. Fear not.

That is why we have introduced our HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal to bridge the gap between suppliers and manufacturers. Now you must be wondering why HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal is better than the rest of the tools out there. The answer is that it is so because we have designed our software solution to provide our clients with a means to collaborate better with their suppliers and prevent mishaps from happening. And we can guarantee you that our HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal is the only software solution you need to manage your suppliers and supply chain related activities efficiently and productively.

Out of the many features and benefits of our software solution, there are a few exclusive ones such as the ability to evaluate your suppliers’ performance on a real-time basis. Our software gives you the chance to assess the performance of your suppliers using general and specific performance metrics. Your suppliers also have access to their profiles so that they can see how well they have performed their services. Moreover, if a supplier’s performance is less than the acceptable standards, they will be able to see their lack and have the chance to implement new plans to ensure that they meet the necessary standards. Also, those plans once implemented can be monitored throughout to see how they help the supplier achieve the necessary standards that need to be met. This is just one of the many exclusive features that our solution provides to its clients.