There is just one Enterprise Quality Management Software that you need to have in place at your firm. The EQMS designed by Harrington Group International is an all-in-one solution. It features all the best practices of quality management and quality assurance in one package. Moreover, it is designed to suit companies engaged in all industries. Be it manufacturing, aerospace, medical devices, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government or any other service industries.

There are five key elements need to be addressed by any Enterprise Quality Management Software. They are the five key drivers of shareholder value. Namely customers, employees, supply chain, products, and services. We have designed our flagship Enterprise Quality Management Software by taking all that into account. We have addressed the improvement of each element with the best practices of supporting solutions.

The cutting-edge technology available today has been employed in the most optimum manner to deliver results. Implementing our EQMS at your firm can reap numerous benefits. Not just quality monitoring and assurance. Your products will soon be compliant to even the most stringent quality regulations. Thus your brand image can be established as that of a reputable firm with unquestionable quality standards.

Our EQMS has been designed with so many features that help our clients engage in proper quality practices. The secure logins provided for employees and the executive dashboard differentiate our software from others. Also, we make retrieval of data and information easier than ever. System-wide search has been enabled in our EQMS. Thus reducing the time taken to search for data and providing easier yet secured access.

It is high time for your company to engage in enterprise-wide quality management. The best practices of quality management and control are readily available for you. We are here to help you with our software solutions.

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