Indianapolis Private Money Lenders: Your Partner In Investments

According to U.S News Scorecard, Indianapolis has obtained rankings of 6.5 from 10 as one of the best places to live in and has landed on #55 out of 100 that have been evaluated as the best metros for people to live in the States. Therefore, real estate prospects in Indianapolis are high and the investments, either for personal or commercial purposes, are quite beneficial. Unfortunately, the lack of capital and difficulty of obtaining funds in a short time has put them to waste. Since traditional financing companies are not suitable for real estate investment needs, investors turn to private money lending companies, but they are also believed to have many downsides and has been cast out of the “options list” of investors.

As hard money loans are supposed to be short-term assets, the implemented repayment schedules are short and thereby, tend to waste the efficiency of obtaining funds in the long run. Having identified these, Indianapolis Private Money Lenders have improved our processes of hard money lending, removing the negative aspects to provide the most convenient and flexible funding services to investors.

Unlikely of conventional ways of financing, we ensure your contentment by evaluating the value of loans through a fair and square method. We make sure you get what you deserve, and we do not condemn you based on your credit worthiness. Even if you are self-employed or have a bad credit record, we are only concerned about your ability to succeed. Indianapolis Private Money Lenders never deems you as unsuccessful or unworthy of funds to have a second chance.

Prioritizing convenience and flexibility, Indianapolis Private Money Lenders have introduced separate loan programs that fulfill the standard requirements of property investors such as
• Investor Rehabs
• Rental properties
• Refinance Cash-outs for Investors
• Commercial Property Loans for Investors

Through the categorization, we ensure a hassle-free process as well as the flexibility of the repayment schemes by adjusting them according to the requirement.
Additionally, we provide investor services which includes
• Proof-of-Funds Letters
• Project Consulting
• Refi-Builder

Bridgewell Capital is a trusted hard money lender with a team of professional employees that have gained 30+ years of experience. The top-level management has succeeded in developing business strategies that obtain win-win results for both parties. Indianapolis Hard Money Lenders has funded more than $200 million for real estate investments, and we extend our services to a majority of states, without being limited to Indianapolis alone.