Indianapolis Hard Money Lenders: We are the right people for you

Financing is inevitable at one point or another during the lifetime. But it is never something to be taken lightly. As said, obtaining funds is not what matters but the kind of people you receive funds. You might wonder what it has to do with the person since money is money no matter who has it. But, we believe you will have another attitude by the time you finish reading about Indianapolis Hard Money Lenders in particular.

Bridgewell Capital is a private money lender. That is, we do not have the rigid policies and regulations that eat up months to give out the cash. More importantly, we do not have rigid repayment schemes that put the efficiency of our service provision to waste in the long run. We do not rush you headlong into paying back for what you got and what not. Instead, we have customized our loan programs to suit your specific requirements;

  • Investor rehabs
  • Rental properties
  • Refinance cash-outs for investors
  • Commercial property loans for investors.

Indianapolis Hard Money Lenders prioritize the convenience and easy qualifications as well. For the timely provision of funds without unnecessary delays, we have appointed customer service providers and project consultants from the very first step. By eradicating any possibility of delays, we complete a single project in fewer than ten days.

Our qualifying process is simple, straightforward and fast. Also, we have adopted a mechanism which saves you your valuable time all the same while keeping you other opportunities. We pre-approve your requests in five minutes, sending you along if we should deny funding you. However, there is no possibility of being rejected from Bridgewell Capital as we provide funds for anyone with the ability to succeed. Further, we do not involve intermediaries; we maintain clarity with straightforward interactions. Indianapolis Hard Money Lenders don’t survive on blind faith of our customers; we thrive in the industry by earning the trust from our clientele.
Still thinking the company doesn’t matter as long as it is money?

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